Roloil, let yourself be guided


Highly specialized lubricants for each type of engine for the most differentiated (motorcycles and cars, agricultural vehicles, trucks, earthmoving, nautical outboards, and much more).


Oils developed specifically for the lubrication needs of stationary engines, steam, gas and hydraulic turbines.


Excellent lubricants for all the most delicate processes in highly specialized industry: cutting, deformation, heat treatments and protection.

General industry

Specific lines of oils for every possible need for industrial operations.

Strengthened by an important Italian history and the experience accumulated over the years, Roloil takes you by the hand and accompanies you with confidence along the way: thanks to the expertise developed in almost a century by our highly specialized chemists, we are able to develop the most efficient for any specific need.

Now as then, we apply an artisanal care to our products: we take care of the details, we listen in depth to the customer’s needs, we design the solution together with him, we manufacture unique elements and make them our own by putting great passion and enthusiasm.