Our Identity

Roloil: let yourself be guided

Roloil is an Italian brand since 1933 that develops, produces and markets lubricating oils in Italy and internationally.
Strengthened by an important Italian history and the experience accumulated over the years, Roloil takes you by the hand and accompanies you with confidence along the way: thanks to the expertise developed in almost a century by our highly specialized chemists, we are able to develop the most efficient for any specific need.
Now as then, we apply an artisanal care to our products: we take care of the details, we listen in depth to the customer’s needs, we design the solution together with him, we manufacture unique elements and make them our own by putting great passion and enthusiasm.
The brand still lives in Castellar Guidobono (AL), where the technological production plant resides and where, in 1933, from the entrepreneurial spirit and friendship of some engineers of the Polytechnic of Milan, the ROLOIL Lubricant Oil Refinery was born. Separating the territories of origin from the soul of the brand is not possible, because the bond that nourishes them is mutual and belongs to history.
The soul of Roloil lies precisely in the human relationship and in the enhancement of local identity, which thanks to a widespread commercial network is able to reach every Italian province and provides its customers with expert and careful sales and after-sales consultants.
Roloil acts locally but at the same time thinks globally: in fact it has important international contacts and has a solid professional reputation because it is part of Q8Oils Italia, the company of the Kuwait Petroleum International Group (KPI) dedicated to the development and trade of lubricants. . In this world scenario, however, Roloil is not one of the many brands owned without identity, but an Italian excellence that makes customization its trademark.
For this reason, the next time you find yourself behind the wheel or in the saddle, take a train or plane trip, buy any industrial product or simply mow the lawn, our expert hand will be by your side to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Research & Development: the laboratory

“Touching” the product is our creed.
We never lose control of it: we develop it, we analyze it, we make sure that it not only meets the minimum requirements but that it excels in performance. We pour it into a machine and watch it go by. We listen to the blades of the mixers that mix the bases with the additives from the window of our laboratory.
Here our team of chemists, curious and in continuous training, keeps and updates the chemical formulas that allow Roloil to always be competitive.
To this we add a secret ingredient: experience. The quiet security of those who have spent a lifetime working on a product and have learned exponentially thanks to all the challenges faced.
We do not presume to claim that we have no limits but we believe that with competence and enthusiasm a problem is such only for the time in which the solution is not developed.

The Blending Plant

The bleding plant in Castellar Guidobono (AL), with its almost 30,000 square meters of extension, represents a fundamental corporate asset: it has a potential production capacity of 50 million liters thanks to more than one hundred tanks where to store raw materials and eighty mixers to mix them.
The production site is constantly updated with new technological and automated tools, especially in the metalworking sector, where our products are renowned for their excellence and extreme versatility.
Our packaging lines cover every type of need, from bulk, with the automatic filling of tank trucks, up to small packaging.

Quality is worth nothing without safety

Quality is worth nothing without safety (id: #sicurezza)
The Environment, Safety and Health are fundamental elements in Roloil’s strategies, which uses its own management system called SSHEMS (Security, Safety, Health, Environment Management System), implemented by all the companies of the Kuwait Petroleum Group, of which Roloil is a part. Since 2017, the SHE management system has been integrated with that of Quality, creating the BMS (Business Management System). The Management System adopted is now an integral part of the BMS, certified according to the following International Norms and Standards.
All our employees and collaborators are responsible for implementing this system and seeking continuous improvements:

  • SSHE consultants, employees, contractors and suppliers work together to create workplaces with the highest health and safety standards;
  • Staff are fully trained on safe work practices and risk identification;
  • Measures are actively taken to identify and control potential hazards relating to operations and products;
  • Each production unit has an annual SSHE plan that must be approved by senior management;
  • Best practices and experiences are shared to improve SSHE standards;
  • The performance of the SSHE program is continually reviewed and goals are set for constant improvement.


Confirming the excellent quality of our work and the strict compliance with all European standards for the protection of the territory and the safety of the worker, our commitment is certified by the most stringent acknowledgments:

ISO 9001

to guarantee control, monitoring and constant improvement of production processes. Roloil was one of the first companies in Italy to request all ISO controls as soon as they were born and in fact achieved certification in 1992

ISO 14001

to guarantee the environmental impact of our business, from the traceability of the raw materials we use to the final disposal of our products.

ISO 45001

Here you can view the ethical rules valid at the corporate level:

Ethical standards

Here you can view the ethical rules valid at the corporate level: