A competent hand that improves more and more from the experience of the years, a curious spirit aimed at constant updating and careful listening to the market are the essential elements that allow Roloil to always be ahead of the continuous changes in the world of engines.

Discover our lines of synthetic fluids and mineral oils dedicated to the lubrication of engines and transmissions.

Roloil lubricants’ extraordinary strengths

Passenger cars icon - Q8Oils


  •  Reduce fuel consumption;
  • Extend oil change intervals;
  • They protect the engine components from wear
  • They prevent the formation of corrosion, foam and rust;
  • They are compatible with any type of engine
Heavy Duty Icon - Q8Oils


  • Extend oil change intervals;
  • They keep the engine clean thanks to additives with advanced technologies;
  • Developed to operate in extreme climatic conditions;
  • Suitable for any truck fleet thanks to the overcoming of international and manufacturers specifications.
Qgriculture icon -Q8Oils


  • Constant updating of formulations in line with the technological development of agricultural and earth-moving vehicles;
  • Particular attention to the reduction of harmful emissions;
  • They guarantee the engine a longer life cycle;
  • Reduce fuel consumption.
Motorcycle Oils- Q8Oils


  • Developed to counteract the strong mechanical and thermal stress of these types of engines;
  • They have excellent wear stability and guarantee a very low level of deposits;
  • Wide range of oils for motorcycles (2 and 4 stroke), small engines and chain oils.
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  • A constantly evolving technology, both for manual transmission and for any type of automatic transmission;
  • Wide variety of applications;
  • In line with manufacturers recommendations.
Heat Transfer Oils - Q8Oils


  • Designed to guarantee excellent performance in all climatic conditions;
  • The specific additives give the fluids maximum compatibility with any type of material they come into contact with.