When the external conditions start to become demanding, you cannot be caught unprepared: the cooling system is a fundamental component of the engine and incorrect management can cause serious failures. Roloil, thanks to its range of antifreeze or coolants, allows the engine to operate in ideal thermal conditions, ensuring the removal of heat and excellent protection of the cooling system from frost and corrosion.
Roloil fights extreme temperatures and offers protection to your engine.


Thanks to the long experience that Roloil has acquired over the years, it is now able to develop the best solution for any lubrication requirement of your engine. Strict constant controls, high quality raw materials and a constant updating of the formulations allow our team to anticipate the news of the market.


Thanks to five sales offices located along the Peninsula, Roloil is able to offer highly personalized assistance throughout the Italian territory to its customers: attention to listening, competence and proactivity are the values ​​that distinguish our sales force.


Roloil is a quality flag that our customers are proud to wear and we are in anticipating their needs: we have therefore developed a highly technical clothing line for garages and equipped with the most modern comfort and safety requirements.

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