Demoulding Oils

A very wide range of concrete elements, made in situ or prefabricated, of the most varied shapes and with different curing times, need to be easily detached from the production formwork both for working speed and for an optimal external appearance.
It is absolutely necessary to counteract the natural tendency of concrete to adhere to the metal of the formwork by inserting, between one and the other, a fluid that allows both the grip of the concrete and freedom from the mold.


Thanks to our internal Research & Development department, which constantly selects the most modern and efficient additives, there is a continuous updating of all the formulations to package products with the highest performance and technologically advanced, without neglecting the environmental profile and compatibility with the operator.


Buying the highest quality lubricants does not only mean allowing machinery to work more effectively but, by reducing downtime, maintenance costs and maintenance interventions, also significantly increasing the long-term continuity of your business, which in the industrial field it requires particular planning and investment certainty.


We are proud to affirm that Roloil guarantees you a reliability and competence that we have been pursuing relentlessly since 1933. We are able to reach every Italian province and export abroad with the same ease: our versatility in different sectors allows us to offer every customer a closeness and flexibility that guarantees him a guarantee of absolute serenity.