The excellence and technology of Roloil are shown in the typical sectors of Metalworking: cutting, deformation, heat treatments and protection. The mechanical processes that involve the removal of shavings are very complex due to the high temperature generated and the risk of deformations or stains on the surface of the machined piece. The deformation operations are even more complex due to the innumerable parameters, not always known, involved. In the same way, an extremely technical approach is required in the process and in the products in relation to heat treatments, which must satisfy the desired hardness and toughness. At the end of the production process, the need to protect the products may arise with an adequate product suitable for the conditions and timing of storage and / or transport.

Roloil lubricants’ extraordinary strengths

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  • Made up of a range of fluids with a modern formulation concept;
  • Increased tool life;
  • High detergency of machines and machined parts;
  • Complete coverage of the various types of processing;
  • At the forefront of environmental and operator safety aspects;
  • Free from secondary amines, chlorine and formaldehyde donors.
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  • Specific lines dedicated to both cutting and deformation processes;
  • High performance products formulated according to the latest technologies;
  • Low volatility and minimal production of oil mists;
  • Strong antioxidant and anti-wear properties;
  • Advanced safety profile that guarantees an optimal working environment.
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  • Very high quality bases;
  • Long-life additives;
  • Wide range of viscosities (from 12 to 500 cSt);
  • Wide solutions of nature of the bases (GTL, mineral, vegetable, synthetic);
  • Low consumption which corresponds to low emissions into the atmosphere;
  • Easy cleaning after heat treatment.
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  • Specific protective performances for the machined parts;
  • Ease of application, both manual and with automatic systems;
  • Advanced security profile.