Anti Corrosion Fluids

The protection of machined parts from corrosion is a primary need in the production cycle. The Scudo range, which Roloil has developed to protect metal parts from oxidation, has excellent specific protective properties that guarantee a tough film suitable for the storage times of the processed pieces. The range is suitable for various applications and environmental conditions.


The specific Roloil ranges offer a solution for every modern Metalworking application. These innovative products meet the ever-increasing demands of industrial production. In particular with reference to modern materials, with products that cover the entire arc of production processes, from cutting or deformation, both with emulsifiable and whole products to any subsequent needs such as heat treatments, washing and rust protection.


The modern formulation of all products guarantees high stability and therefore duration of the charges in operation, which means lower operating costs. The high performance i, thanks to the particular latest generation additives, allow an optimization and greater effectiveness of the processing, resulting in less wear of machinery and tools and reduction of operating times and machine downtime.


Our range of Metalworking fluids combines performance and quality with the essential current need for formulations with minimal environmental impact and associated risks for operators in the workplace. Our laboratories are constantly engaged in the search for bases and additives that meet the increasingly stringent environmental requirements in terms of eco-compatibility and biodegradability, similarly with regard to the satisfaction of the rules relating to product safety management.